Jammy Ghost Stories #1

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Love Ghost Stories, I Hve Heard Loads Of Them, Bt My Favourites Are Local Ones Frm Around Liverpool.. So Me && Davidd Are Gonna Start Tellin Yas Ghost Stories That We Know.. Most The Local Ghost Stories I Hve Heard Are The Tom Slemen Ones That Are Usually Shit && Bogus.. Some Of His Are Alright Bt Ya Hear Better Stories All The Time.. One Of Me Favourites Though Is One That Davidd Told Me A Bit Ago Which Was Sort Of About Tom Slemen.. Back In The 1990s, Davidd Used To Work For A Printers That Used To Do Work For Other Printers Too.. Davidd Is Dead Good On Computers && Tha && He Used To Do All Kinds Of Art Work For Loads Of Printers In Liverpool.. He Worked In Bootle Bt He Did Some Work For Another Printers In Bold Place Near The Bombed Out Church In Liverpool..

William MacKenzie

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ne day in the late 1990s, I was sitting in work in Kirkdale, Liverpool when my boss asked if I could run a job down to a printers in Liverpool City Centre. It was a nice, sunny day outside so I jumped at the opportunity of getting out of the stuffy office I was sitting in. I got in my car and set off for the city centre. During the journey I had the radio on and I was listening to Radio City who had an author in the studio by the name of Tom Slemen. Tom had just released a book about ghosts who haunt Liverpool and he was regaling the tale of William MacKenzie.