A Donkey Called Max

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here Used To Be A Lady Down In Devon Called Elisabeth Svendsen Who Rescued Donkeys && Ran A Donkey Sanctuary.. She Died A Few Years Ago But The Sanctuary Carries On Rescuin && Lookin After Donkeys.. Over The Years They Hve Rescued Over 10,000 Donkeys In Loads Of Different Countries But This Story Isnt About Elisabeth Or The Sanctuary, This Is The Story Of Max.. Max Is A 24 Year Old Male Donkey Who Was Left Sad && Lonely When His Friend, Rosie, Who He Had Lived With For Yonks, Passed Away With Colic.. When One Of The Donkey Welfare Advisers Found Out About Max, She Knew She Had To Act Quick To Find Him A New Friend, Cos Max Was Pinin Badly..

Rosie Future For Rosie

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he Department for Children, Schools and Families have pissed The Bears off again! If you remember earlier this month, they gave schools and nurseries orders to ban Teddy Bears from classrooms because of the risk of them spreading swine flu. Now they have gone one-step further and told another school they cannot keep a pet dog!