My Dad

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Hve Three Sisters.. Julie Is The Oldest, Then Vikki, Then Our Danielle && Then Me, The Baby Of The Family.. Thats Four Females && Me Mum, No Wonder Me Dad Left Home, The Poor Bugger.. I Hve Mentioned Me Dad A Few Times In Passing, Bt I Hvent Told Yas Any Details.. He Doesnt Live With Us Cos He Was A Little Shit To Me Mum && I Think I Am The Only One Of Us Who Will Actually Speak To Him.. Sometimes If Me Mum Is Havin A Bad Day, I Find It Extra Hard To Speak To Him && Be Nice.. He Did Used To Live With Us Until I Was About Twelve.. He Was A Normal Dad Who Loved His Football && Went The Pub Now && Then.. He Was Always The Sort Of Dad Who Would Put Stuff On Facebook Lyk, “Good Mornin To My Girls, The Rest Of You Can Go F*ck Urselves..” It Might Be A Bit Tongue-In-Cheek Bt It Was Funny && Always Used To Make Me Laugh.. Bt Two Days After Puttin That On Facey He Would Forget Ur Birthday.. That Is The Sort Of Person He Was, && Still Is Really..

Royal Sadness

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oday has been rather a sad day, and not the usual skitting royal fun day we usually have. Today was spent at the graveside of one of our royal family members who this week would of been 30 years old if she was alive. My Princess sister died young (so no wrinkles lucky her) and this week is a difficult week for us all, we mask the fact that our hearts are heavy and that our weak smiles hide the sadness of missing someone special from our lives. If you have ever lost someone close to you, you will know of the pain and hurt you feel when you no longer have that contact no matter how big or small that contact was. The pain you see never really goes away, you can say it eases with time, then something such as a birthday crops up and once more you are thrown into a twister of emotions.