Andreaa’s Diary #13

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hanks To Everyone Who Sent Me Best Wishes && Congratulations Last Week Over Me Little Announcement; It Was Really Nice Of Yas All.. Am Just Sittin Back && Waitin For The Big Day Now Even Though I Am Dreadin It A Bit.. Davidd Has Told Me That It Smarts A Bit Havin A Baby Bt F*cked If I Know How He Knows?? Our Vicki Says I Should Get A Birthin Pool && Give Birth In Water Cos It Hurts Less.. Am Not Sure About Tha Though, It Was Her Third Baby Bt This Will Be Me First.. I Did Ask At The Hozzy Bt They Said Its All A Myth, Every Woman Is Different So They Cant Say If It Will Hurt Less.. We All Tolerate Pain Differently.. She Did Say That Water Births Are More Relaxin For The Mother && Baby Bt Not Necessarily Less Painful.. Think I Will Stick To The Old Fashioned Way, For The First One Anyway.