Da Brings Great Uncle Bimbo Home

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s we have thrown the old Jammy Toast out with the bath water and started over, I thought I would start right at the very beginning with my first ever day in this world. Although, if I am completely honest, I don’t really remember much about it but I am reliably informed that it did happen. I was born at 4:19am on the morning of 24th October 1960 at St Catherine’s Hospital. I was all alone with just Granny for company. Try and stick with me here because this could get very confusing regarding names. Granny is really my mother but because my daughter calls her ‘Granny’, the name has stuck and these days we all call her Granny. Anyway, back to the hospital, the reason I was all alone with Granny was because my Dad was in the Merchant Navy and he was away at sea.

Great Uncle Bimbo Remembers #30

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he very first thing I can remember as a young bear was sitting in Robbs Department Store in Birkenhead. Robbs – or Robb Brothers Limited, to give it the correct title – was a large department store established in Charing Cross, Birkenhead in 1872. There were lots of shops in Grange Road. At the Grange Road West end is where “Robbs” stood, a large store which was rather up market compared to Allinson’s at the other end of Grange Road. In between – from what I can remember – there was Woodson’s (a grocery shop), Waterworth’s (a green grocers), Timpson’s (the shoe shop), Pyke’s (the jewellers), The Co-op and Woolworths plus many more.

Birkenhead Workhouse

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was sitting in our doctor’s surgery waiting room last week when I remembered the old building which was knocked down a few years ago. The new building is a very swanky, modern building on the site of the old one – a vast difference from the old-fashioned Victorian building it replaced. Doctor’s don’t hurry, so as I was sitting waiting I was reminiscing about the old building and wondered why it was so large. Similar old hospital buildings on the Wirral are much smaller – along the lines of cottage hospitals – whereas St Catherine’s old building was huge. I decided to have a little internet search when I got home to see what the story was.