The Very Thought Of You

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All around Jammy Toast yesterday, the bears were watching the World Cup Quarter Final between England and Sweden. After the England victory, a rather rowdy party broke out last night and many of the bears are a little worse for wear today, including Flat Eric – who is a little flatter than usual. So there is no-one available to write the usual Musical Sunday. I was going to write the post for Eric but then I had a brainwave – or at least I think it is a brainwave. The brainwave is that if anyone has a song which always reminds them of a past event, then if they send us in the story we will publish it and also feature the song. This is probably never going to happen because you Toasters are a fickle lot. You complain about our choice of songs but we have always said give us a suggestion and we will try and feature it for you. It never happens though, so let’s see this time. To get the ball rolling, I will feature a song and memory for you to give you an idea of what I mean. Here goes…