Granny At Christmas

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Since we relaunched Jammy Toast a few months back, we have neglected our grannyisms. I think there are probably two reasons for this; one, Granny is getting pretty good at hiding her grannyisms from us and two, I keep forgetting to make a note of the ones I observe. I think our New Year’s Resolution must be to keep an eye open for more grannyisms. So as a special Christmas surprise to all the Granny fans out there, I thought we could feature a favourite festive grannyism from a couple of years ago. This particular year, I had not seen much of Granny during the run-up to Christmas because she had flu and was staying out of everyone’s way so as not to pass it on.

Andreaa’s Diary #2 (From Turkey)

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Nothin Ever Goes Right For Me.. I Am One Of Those People Who Everythin They Touch Just Turns To Shit.. I Think I Told Yous A While Ago That I Was Havin Hell With My Area Manager Who Just Wouldnt Let Me Get On With My Job Of Managin Me Shop.. She Had To Micro-Manage Everythin Herself.. It Got To The Point Where I Couldnt Take Any More So It Was Either Hve A Word With The Regional Manager About Her Or Leave.. I Didnt Really Want To Leave At The Time, So I Spoke To The Regional Manager && Told Her What Was Goin On.. She Was Great, She Listened To What I Had To Say && Then Said That She Would Take The Area Manager Off My Shop && She Would Act As Area Manager As Well As Regional Manager && I Would Hve Nothin To Do With The Area Manager Any More.. I Was Made Up && Actually Happy To Go To Work In The Mornings For A While..