Great Uncle Bimbo Remembers #20

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Hello, my name is Bimbo. I am Great Uncle to all the bears even though I am not really a Renault Bear myself. It is a bit of an honorary title because I am a very old bear. In fact, I was bought for The Bearkeeper by his Grandparents on the day that he was born many years ago. I can remember many things that have happened in my lifetime and these are the things I write about in my column. I will tell you of things that happened not just to The Bearkeeper and me, but things I can remember from television, news or anything else that comes into my head

The Ghost Of Walton Jail

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The other day, Great Uncle Bimbo told us the story of the last person to be hanged at Walton Prison in Liverpool. As part of the story he mentioned that there are many stories of the ghosts being seen by both staff and prisoners alike. Bimbo left out any stories because we all know what a wimp Razzi can be and we didn’t want him to lose any sleep worrying about ghosts. Unfortunately for Razzi, everyone said they wanted to hear the ghost stories so we thought we would have a search round and see what we could find. The following is from the book Hunted Liverpool 18 by Tom Slemen…