White Rabbits

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ne Thing I Never Understand About The First Of The Month Is Why Do Ya Hve To Say ‘White Rabbits’?? When I Get Up If I Dont Say It && Me Mum Sees Me Then She Pinches Me && Says, “Pinch Punch, First Of The Month..” Whats That All About?? I Think It Must Be A Folklore && Ya Know How Much I Lyk Folklores && All That Stuff, So I Thought I Would Try && Find Out.. If I Wanna Know Anythin Then Ya Dont Ask Any Of My Family, They Are All As Thick As Me — Some Of Em Are Worse!! So I Asked Davidd, Cos He Is Supposed To Be The Wise Old Owl Around Here, Or Something.. He Said That It Is Only Supposed To Be On The First Of May.. It Is A Superstition That If Ya Say That Before Lunchtime On The First Day Of May Then Ya Will Get Good Luck For The Rest Of The Month.. It Comes Frm Everyone Thinkin That Rabbits && Hares Are Lucky Animals.. David Says He Wrote About It On Jammy Toast A Few Years Ago When He Found That There Is A Tradition That Says If You Say “Rabbits” Three Times Before You Go To Bed On The Last Day Of The Month && Then “Hares” When You Wake Up On The First Of The Month You Will Get Loads Of Good Luck.. He Said That Comes Frm Westminster In 1919..

White Rabbits 2016

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n the first day of every month, and in particular the first day of May, all The Bears, being very superstitious, always say, “White Rabbits”. As we understand the tradition, if this is the first thing you say on the first day of the month then you will receive good luck for the remainder of that month. We have no idea why we say it or where it comes from so we thought it was high-time we would try to find out.