Zoe’s Mum

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My Best Mate Zoe Was My First ‘Adult’ Friend.. Ya Know When Ya Leave School && One By One Most Of Your ‘School’ Friends Die Off && You Start Makin ‘Adult’ Friends.. So Zoe Was The First One I Had && Her Mum Was Pretty Cool Too.. You Know When Ya Go To A Family Occasion && Your Mum Stops You From Drinkin Too Much && Makes Sure You Get Home Safely.. In Zoes Family It Was The Other Way Round.. Zoe Always Had To Make Sure That Her Mum Got Home Cos She Sure Knew How To Party.. Zoe Used To Get Away With Anythin Bt My Mum Would Hit The Roof If I Did Half Of What Zoe Did.. I Always Used To Say I Was Leavin Home && Goin To Live With Zoe && Me Mum Used To Threaten To Help Me Pack Me Bags.. That Is Why I Was So Surprised When Zoe Wanted To Leave Home && Get A Flat Of Her Own.. I Would Have Stayed With Her Mum Until The Day I Died If That Was Me..