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oday we are going to ask everyone who visits Jammy Toast to just “Talk Shit”. It has become a bit of a Jammy Toast tradition whereby we ask everyone who visits us to leave a comment on just about any subject they choose. Funny or sad, true or false, real or fake; we don’t give a shit, as long as it is entertaining and doesn’t really hurt anyone’s feelings. We usually ask you to do this because we are too lazy to think of anything else to post. However, people generally enjoy the freedom to whine and bitch. The rules are simple to explain – anything goes!

If you visit Jammy Toast on a “Talking Shit” day; you must leave a comment behind – it’s the law! If you are new to Jammy Toast then just say “Hello” or maybe introduce yourself; tell us how you found us and why you visited. Anything you can think of.

Remember, though; Stuff is cool – Spam is not!

If you break the rules and visit us today and don’t leave a comment then please remember Andreaa has a very particular set of skills; skills acquired over a very long career. Skills that make her a nightmare for people like you. If you leave a comment, that will be the end of the matter. She will not look for you, she will not pursue you. But if you don’t communicate, she will look for you, she will find you, and she will murderize you.

You have been warned!

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Davidd Birko

A sad and lonely old man who used to have a life but it has now been taken over by his dedication to the cause of saving Renault Bears, running Jammy Toast and searching eBay, car boot sales, charity shops, lofts and even under beds for his beloved bears. He has even now taken in Flat Eric to save him from homelessness – his life is no longer his own!

69 Comments on “Talking Shit #231”

  1. Who is bothered about who wins an election. The truth is we couldn’t give a sh*t. We’ve got better things to do… like sitting on top of spoons looking in Chimpton’s bedroom window. :eyes:

  2. This weekend would of been one of the highlights of the year. Rovers at home tomorrow in the FA Cup and the annual Remembrance Sunday day out. The only time I ever have a Monday off work. Legging it up Price Street at 10.59 as my leader has made us late again. Meet my hungover eldest daughter, observe the silence, leg it to Gallies, ribs and rum in the RNA, off to Oxton, asleep by 7.45. Unchanged in the last 30 years.

    We where even late when we lived on Hamilton Square!

  3. My own fella unfollowed me on Twitter last week. I only noticed bc he followed me again today. When I asked why he said “bc you were doing my fucking head in” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  4. Sitting watching the news with my 5yr old son.
    He said “If Biden has Arizona & Nevada then that takes him to 270 so he doesn’t even need Pennsylvania”
    “That’s right” I said
    “So why the fuck isn’t the fat orange bellend conceding?” He asked
    “Not a clue” I said

  5. If the government started the mass testing scheme in London this city would be full of people saying “why aren’t they doing that in Liverpool, the Tories hate us”.

    You’re all a bunch of boring contrarions.

  6. Me mates hitting me with shots playing some card game “cos it was your birthday the other day”

    Come to the conclusion they’re all pricks and their parents don’t love them.

  7. Thank you so much for all the lovely messages tonight… it’s a tough time for everyone but we’ve all just got to hang in there so sending love to everyone, better days are coming! :black-heart:

  8. I’ve got a nice new pair of braces
    I’ve got shoes with new brown laces
    I know wonderful paddly places
    Who’s coming out with me?

    Every morning my new grace is
    “Thank you, God, for my nice braces
    I can tie my new brown laces”
    Who’s coming out with me?

  9. I will be remembering my good human friend Ken today. It is two years since he went away and we all miss him so much. My human told me he had to have a funeral, but I didn’t understand. I know he won’t be coming back, and that’s sad.

  10. Rolf report 7 Nov

    When I go to campus, I usually go on tree patrol. I move from tree to tree, sniffing them, scratching them & when I see a squirrel or a dog, climbing them. There are many beautiful trees on campus, so being a feline tree guardian is a big responsibility.

    Rolf x

  11. So this week I finally became part of the puppy motherhood & im absolutely loving every minute of it, he’s keeping me busy this lockdown, hope you’re all okay and enjoy day 3 of lockdown!!

    Lots of love Ge x

  12. …and now the voice of Grumpy Old Men has sadly left us. I met Geoffrey on a couple of occasions and what a truly lovely guy. I don’t think he had a clue who I was but all that mattered to me was that I knew who he was! I will now binge watch the Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin.

  13. Don’t get me wrong I love a good conspiracy, I was convinced we were in a simulation a few months ago and my head fell off, but you can’t live a normal life believing shit you see on some spice heads YouTube Channel is all I’m saying.

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