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Jay come home from work last friday && told us he had been furloughed && i honestly dont think he was arsed .. i bet he thought to himself that he was going to have more time playing on his xbox .. i know it wasnt really his fault but i was still fuming inside .. that got worse when i come home from work on saturday after an 11 hour shift to find him in the garden with loads of friends pissed as a fart .. he never thought oh poor andreaa has been working all day i will make her something for tea, nah fuck her .. i couldn’t face him so i walked out && went to our danielle’s house .. Ten minutes later he is texting Alisha asking am i at theirs && am i in a mood because i had stormed out .. i text him back && told him to stop texting members of my family about me && if he had any questions he had my phone number .. so he text back && asked if we could talk .. i stayed at danielle’s, had some tea && stayed the night .. it was probably for the best because i would of said stuff to him i would probably regret the next day.

Our danielle only lives round the corner from me mums so i had walked to hers && so next morning had to walk back to ours to get me car for work && clean my teeth cos i didn’t have a toothbrush .. when i walked towards ours theres an empty, greasy pizza box on top of me car .. When i got in the house i asked him if he had pizza for his dinner last night but he was too hung over to remember .. I cleaned me teeth && went to work .. he text me later on in the day && said he thought it was a good idea if he moved back in with his dad for a few days && i just replied “yea, fine”.

When i got home he was still there .. my tea was on the table && my clothes had been washed && were hung out on the line drying .. Me mum wasn’t very well && had been in bed all day so he had hoovered right through too .. i just thought to meself isn’t it funny how it takes me kicking off to get him to behave in a normal manner like you would want ya partner to behave .. I knew 100% if i hadn’t said anything he would have just sat on his arse all day playing xbox with his bumchum .. i wasn’t going to give in that easy so i just asked him if he was still there?? He said yea is it ok if i go tomorrow .. I said go whenever ya like.

Half an hour later i have got his dad’s boyfriend texting me saying you two need to talk .. That is something else i cant stand about jay, he wont talk to me but he will talk to every other fucker, so i told him wot i thought .. he said he wanted to talk so i went && sat down with him .. i told him i was totally fed up of him sitting on his arse doing nothing but play on an xbox like a little kid && the way he just sits around MY house getting drunk with mates when i have been in work all day .. Then when i get in he cant even be arsed talking to me .. his only reply was that he never knows if am in a mood with him or not .. so i told him i wouldn’t be in a mood if he just did a bit to help out now && again .. why cant he cook tea for me && me mum now && again instead of waiting for one of us to do it .. me mum isnt well why should she have to wash his clothes && clean up after him while he sits on his arse all day??

He started saying that it was about time he grew up && started pulling his weight && he admitted that it wasn’t fair the way he was with me && me mum .. i told him that was what he said last time i kicked off && he promised to behave .. few days later he was back to his usual self && that is no doubt what he will do this time too .. he said he would go back to his dad’s in the morning && have a think && that it would do us good to have a bit of space for a few days .. to be completely honest, i couldnt wait for him to go so i said why don’t you go now because i needed a good think.

So he packed his things && off he went back round to his dad’s house.

I had my bed to myself that night && it felt great .. My room to myself, my house to myself && my life to myself again for the first time in ages .. I was happy for the first time in ages .. Then our Charlie rang me — she’s me cousin — saying that i needed to stop my boyfriend from trying to chat her little sister up .. I was like fucking hell Charlie I have just kicked him out what’s he doing?? Turns out he’s on the phone to her, he’s texting her && generally chasing after her .. The main thing that pissed me off about that is that she is only 17!!

Who knows, maybe he is still a teenager inside that head of his && that’s why he is always on the xbox.

Alls i know is i am fedup of the sight of him and the sound of his voice.

He needs to just go now and stay gone.

Traa xx

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I am Andreaa Angel && I am havin' a boss time here writing on da Blog && that 'coz Davidd is proper gettin' too old to write && it's doin' me wig in .. I feel proper ashamed da fukin' state .. Davidd told me to write yas little stories about me life but I said no .. I can't write stories, I never even passed me GCSE English .. But he bullies me yerno, so me stories are usually shite ..

54 Comments on “The Andreaa Angel Show #109”

  1. The sad thing about this is he will learn his lesson from all this and make a great partner in his next relationship. Or at least he better had do for his own good.

  2. Told my daughter to chase off the pair of seagulls who like to sit off on my bins however wasn’t expecting her to shout: “You feathery fuckers fuck off before I stab you!”

  3. The President of Belarus claims that Vodka can beat Coronavirus. Me and Wrexham Phil are considering a move to Minsk if Salford Sarah comes with us.

  4. My human is very strange. She can’t understand why I like to sit in dirty plastic trays and I’ve given up trying to explain. Trays are particularly comfortable with wet compost for me to sit on. Don’t get me wrong, I love my blankies but sometimes I need a change.

  5. Pooh is really alive and does things, but a Teddy Bear is just a toy which sits about and does nothing; and we feel that anybody who could see Pooh, if only for a moment, and not know at once that he is alive, must be a silly person.

  6. Rolf’s lockdown diary 22 May

    I have a very long tail, nearly as long as a computer keyboard. I enjoy sitting with my American human on his desk. He says it creates “tail risk”. That’s actually a term from economics. My English human has had to Google what it means again.

    Rolf x


    It’s a Friday. Pinch yourself. It really is Friday.

    Please note: pinching yourself is entirely at your own risk. Innocent will not be held responsible for any pinch-related injuries.

  8. I shall be building a new TV unit today. Anything involving screwdrivers I love.

    Unrelated, cos I can’t be arsed starting a new comment, what ridiculous weather?! Sunny, quite warm but gale force winds! Less of this nonsense please.

  9. I’ve just accidentally sent a naked photo of myself to everyone in my address book.

    Not only is it embarrassing, it’s cost a fortune in stamps.

  10. Oh next door has his drill out again I see. Fucking hell hope it malfunctions and drills his bollocks. It’s every fucking day. Non stop. Power tool nonce!

  11. I love my kids dearly. But it’s been 9 weeks I’ve been cooped up with them and I can’t go the toilet for a piss without an audience. I’d give anything for a poo on my own!

  12. And just like that it’s the end of another series but we shall be back in September! So so so proud to be part of the Gogglebox family as they’re just simply amazing, both cast and crew. Stay safe and for the final time of series 15, ITS GOGGLEBOX FRIDAY!!

  13. Sometimes the morning jobs get the better of me and I need an afternoon nap. Lucky for me I have the perfect spot in the cloakroom so I can still keep an eye on what’s going on. :paws:

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