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Ithink it was Ray who asked who was i going to be picking on this week && the answer is me mum .. First it was jay, then it was me area manager && now it is me mum who can feel my wrath as Ray puts it .. First of all i better tell you that my mum isn’t a well person .. she suffers from alkinds; fibromyalgia which makes her feel tired all the time && gives her loads of pain .. some days she cant even get out of bed .. she also has thyroid problems which changes from week to week .. sometimes she is tired, her weight goes up && down, she has muscle pain && weakness && it can also make her feel depressed .. Then she has depression, which obviously makes her feel sad && depressed .. The problem with those three things is they overlap .. If she is having pain in her muscles the doctors dont know if it is because of the fibromyalgia or her thyroidism .. If she is feeling depressed they don’t know if it is her depression or because of her thyroidism .. the poor quacks dont know how to treat the symptoms because they dont know wot is causing wot .. it can be a right pain [sic].

Sometimes me mum doesn’t get out of bed for weeks because of pains or because shes depressed .. she just locks herself away in her room && never ventures out .. Davidd calls her my cave dwelling mother .. it means my life can be hell sometimes .. its not her fault && i know she doesnt do it on purpose but i can be at work all day then come home && have to hoover, wash, clean && cook for the two of us .. Sometimes i do eleven hour shifts && come home wiped out then have to start on the house .. like i said its not me mums fault that she isn’t well but she doesnt really help much either by what she does .. the doctor has got her on quite powerful antidepressants which it takes ages to get the dose right so that she feels ok but isnt bringing on other side effects .. the problem is it becomes a vicious circle .. it works like this:

1. She gets depressed.
2. Doctor puts her on antidepressants.
3. She slowly starts to feel better.
4. When she feels better she thinks she doesn’t need the antidepressants anymore.
5. She stops taking her antidepressants
6. Go back to #1

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell her that she needs to keep taking the tablets, as soon as she feels a bit better she stops taking them!!

So recently she started feeling better with everything .. Her depression was under control && so was her fibromyalgia && her thyroidism .. I would come home from work && everything had been done .. The hoovering, washing, cleaning had been done && my tea was on the table when i walked in .. A few times her mate Paul had been round && they had been out && walked Luna together .. She was even washing her bedding a bit too often so I was guessing she was even having rumpy pumpy in the afternoon while i was at work .. Paul more or less moved in a few years ago when she was feeling better && he even used to come on holiday with us .. then when she started getting ill she would take stuff out on him && he bolted for home.

i was made up that she was well enough to be doing everything && seeing paul && it didn’t even bother me too much when he was round late at night && they had music or the telly blasting while i was trying to get to sleep — even if i had an early start the next day .. it was great she was feeling better .. then the pains started coming back .. she had no energy && her muscles were aching quite badly .. then she was depressed && locking herself away in her bedroom again .. My mum was back to being a cave dweller again.

I couldnt understand how she had gone from being up && pain-free for a couple of weeks just to be back down in pain && misery again for no reason .. The other night i got in from work && nothing had been done && so i started cleaning up && getting tea on the go .. I made us a chicken curry && rice && took hers up to her .. She just looked at me like i was an alien who had just landed from another planet .. She asked me what it was && i told her && she just nodded .. No thank you or kiss my arse so i put it on her bedside table && went down to eat mine.

While i was eating my tea I had a little thought — shes stopped taking her anti-depressants again .. I bet that is what is at the bottom of these severe mood swings .. After i had eaten my tea i went upstairs to get her plate && i asked her was she still taking her tablets .. i was expecting a gob-full for just asking but i didnt get it .. Instead she said, “I have stopped taking all of my tablets, i thought i didn’t need them anymore.”

I just felt like giving up!!

Traa xx

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I am Andreaa Von Württemberg && I am havin' a boss time here writing on da Blog && that 'coz Davidd is proper gettin' too old to write && it's doin' me wig in .. I feel proper ashamed da fukin' state .. Davidd told me to write yas little stories about me life but I said no, I can't write stories. I never even passed me GCSE English .. But he bullies me yerno, so me stories are usually shite ..

112 Comments on “The Andreaa Angel Show #114”

  1. Loads of people do that with anti-depressants. There is a stigma to taking them so people want to stop as soon as they can. Which doesn’t make much sense but they still do it anyway.

  2. I now more than ever believe we are related. All that runs riot in my bio-family only difference is my bio-mother has bi-polar but as I was adopted by Dad that family no longer exist for me. So, I’m sending love your way little sis and Dad will vouch for this; I RARELY send love to anyone! :heart: :blow-kiss:

  3. Tonight, in the UK, is “sleep with the windows open” night, a traditional event, once every ten years, resulting in horrific mental scarring from having to listen to what “other people” do when it gets dark.

    Stay strong.

  4. Nighty Night folks…

    Eric : “Desperate Dan’s eaten four cow pies and he’s still hungry…”

    Ern : “What are you talking about?”

    Eric : “In this comic every week he is…he’s just stopped a train with his chin!”

    Ern : “Why don’t you grow up!”

  5. Liverpool, to which I have no connection or loyalty, does for me in football what Wales does in rugby: a part of me always wants them to win. What a great result, after thirty years of wilderness, and three months of weirdness.

  6. Rolf report 26 June:

    My campus mom Dr Claudia watched me at my happiest on campus: I’m fully alert, with a swishing tail, ready to pounce. It’s so good to be back on patrol again & to protect the campus from whatever is making the rustling sound in the bushes.

    Rolf x

  7. Do you ever go to stretch your foot and then your toe cramps up and makes all your toes curl involuntarily until you hop around and scream? That’s what 2020 feels like!

  8. “What about a story?” said Christopher Robin. Could you very sweetly tell Winnie-the-Pooh one?”
    “I suppose I could,” I said. “What sort of stories does he like?”
    “About himself. Because he’s THAT sort of Bear.”
    “I’ll try,” I said.
    So I tried.

  9. Swear to god I knew they would but I never realised how hard the blues would take this title win. Never seen a set of fans act the way thousands did. Kicking off over people out celebrating, at their ex players for congratulating us and tweeting police HAHA.

  10. I’m on meet and greet duty this morning, I waited safely behind the gate for my favourite teacher to arrive. Then I met her at the car and offered to carry her Dreamies….er I mean bag!

    Have a lovely day friends, stay safe and take care.

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