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Thanks to everyone who suggested a new name for me the other day, so that i don’t get into trouble with work’s social media policy.. Some of the suggestions were brilliant but i suddenly realised that i actually like my name && don’t want to change it afterall.. I will always be a sock robber so i don’t need to have that as a name but I also loved Davidd’s idea of me being Destiny Angel because my filtered photos do look like Captain Scarlet’s fighter pilots.. I have actually been watching Captain Scarlet on YouTube this week && the girls are fantastic as fighter pilots.. So they helped me make my mind up && here is what i am going to do.. I don’t think i am very angry anymore – unless someone kicks me off – so I shouldn’t be Angry Andreaa no more.. Instead, I can be Andreaa Angel.. This means I have a very sad job to do first off…

I am real sorry to have to tell you this but our friend Angry Andreaa fell down a grid at the weekend && died.. It was touch && go for a while but in the end the injuries were just too much && she kicked the bucket on tuesday mornin’.. Davidd was devoed obvs.. I am guessin’ he was too upset to tell yas himself && has gone off to have three days of mourning.. Angry Andreaa’s Mum has asked that ya don’t send flowers or owt but if you want, you can send contributions to the Elizabeth Morgan Home for Bewildered Sock Robbers..

I know this news is really sad so be careful if ya reading this on a lappy or tablet or somethin’ && make sure ya tears don’t get in ya device && blow it up, just a warning like..

Davidd has asked me, Andreaa Angel, to take over Angry Andreaa’s bloggin’ duties so i said i would do a column every week just like the original angry version of Andrea.. He wants me to take over her blog like she is still here which is a bit batty like cos I could never be angry even if me name is Andreaa.. At least Davidd said I can change the name to The Andreaa Angel Show which I think is dead cool!!

I have to admit I was amazed when Davidd found a picture of Destiny Angel && said that I am the spit of her.. I must admit she does look a bit like what i see when i’m looking in a mirror, so I have picked it as my new profile pic thingy.. I know Angry Andrea is up there in heaven somewhere looking down on us && is happy that we are going to carry on as she would of wanted..

Night Out With The Angels

Me On A Night Out With The Angels.

One thing I did think was fantastic was that I had never heard of Captain Scarlet or The Angels.. So I go off && google it && it says that Gerry Anderson made it back in the 1960s && they had all these lady fighter pilots.. How cool is that?? I think good old Gerry must of been a feminist or summat.. Back in the 1960s, women stayed at home && had babies they didn’t fly fighter planes, so good on ya Gerry lad..

So anyways I better tell yas all about me, hadn’t i??

First off to stop me getting into trouble at work I have left && instead I now work for the Kwik-E-Mart in Kurkby.. The convenience store is notorious for the crap we sell && the high-prices we charge.. It is owned by an Indian man called Apu.. Working in the shop is Apu, his brother Sanjay && me with a few shop assistants.. I can tell yas all about that over the coming weeks, though.. I have also moved into Angry’s house && basically taken over her life.. Her mum was just too upset to carry on without Andreaa, so I had to step in && help out the best I could.. So from now on when I talk about “Our Vikki” or “Me Mum” then you know I really mean Angry’s family who are now my adopted family but obvs its easier if I just say “my” or “our”.. Even Angry’s dog loves me yanoo!!

So basically, the old Angry Andreaa is dead, long live the new Andreaa Angel..

Traa xx

PS.. The Angels are me new mates, we fly fighter planes at the weekends and I really can’t wait to meet Lady Penolope!!

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I am Andreaa Angel && I am havin' a boss time here writing on da Blog && that 'coz Davidd is proper gettin' too old to write && it's doin' me wig in.. I feel proper ashamed da fukin' state.. Davidd told me to write yas little stories about me life but I said no. I can't write stories, I never even passed me GCSE English. But he bullies me yerno, so me stories are usually shite!!

36 Comments on “The Andreaa Angel Show #56”

    1. I know Sylvia did the costume designs for all Gerry’s puppet programmes and she came up with the character of Lady Penelope and Parker. I know Gerry had heard that RAF fighter pilots during the war took time to acclimatise to the bright lights in the sky on sunny days and so he came up with the idea of launching the fighter-planes from Cloudbase.

      As for who came up with the idea of the lady fighter pilots, I am not sure.

      Who are you calling a geek?

      1. You know that’s a lie Dad. The actual words were “You’re new name instead of Dolly is Destiny Angel wearing those glasses”. We even told Catfish, you and Granny are bad at telling the truth! :roflao:

        1. All I am saying is it’s not because you LOOK like Destiny Angel but because you nicked her glasses. With the filters Andreaa puts on her photos she actually LOOKS like Destiny!!


          Hahahaha now that IS Destiny Angel and her identical twin!!

  1. good morning to everyone except people who post a selfie of themselves grinning like a deranged idiot with captions like “rip nan, 10 years today, sorely missed”. what the hell does a photo of you with your clit out have to do with your dead nan? thanks for reading x

  2. My wife told me her friend completed the London Marathon in under 4 hours last year. “That’s a really good time for London.” she said “The London one is one of the longest.”

    Never question why I love this woman so much.

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