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So me && Jay have just had a big fuckin’ barney but it’s hard to explain why cos i just sound like a dickhead.. The last couple of boyfriends have had have all made me feel like shit for different reasons.. First there was a lad down in London who really did treat me like a princess.. He used to come up most weekends && stay at ours but he always bought me something nice when he came up ‘cos he said he missed me so much during the week.. i thought it was lovely at the time because no one had ever done anything like that before.. Then one day me mum says to me that i am only going out with him because he buys me stuff.. Nice init when ya own mum calls ya a prostitute!!

Then i had a boyfriend who used to kick the shit out of me && put me in hospital twice.. He was always full of remorse afterwards so it was alrite like.. He used to swear he would never do it again && buy me chocolates, flowers && bottles of gin to try && make it up to me.. Let me tell anyone who is reading this, if they hit you once they will do it again… && again… && again.. i didn’t know that at the time but i fuckin’ do now..

So as you can imagine i have a bit of a phobia now about people buying me presents — especially expensive ones!!

So my birthday is coming up at the end of the month && Jay wants to get me a pressie.. i try && explain wot have just told yas && that just get me a bottle of gin or something but no, he won’t listen.. He starts asking what size shoes i take && then when i tell him i don’t want any shoes he goes behind me back && gets me size out of me mum.. Then she tells me that hes bought me a £130 pair of shoes && he’s got me three other pressies too but she doesn’t know what they are — me mum says he just said they are expensive..

I fuckin’ flipped!!

I asked him why doesn’t he ever listen to me && do what i ask instead of doing whatever the fuck he feels like.. It goes on from there && ends in a full-scale knark.. He asks me why i don’t just finish with him because thats what i obviously want judgin’ by the way i behave towards him but that’s shit, i don’t do anything.. i just ask him not to go buying huge, expensive presents because i don’t like it because of the way my ex’s have done it in the past.. But no he doesn’t get that he just says he’s not one of my ex’s && just wants to make a fuss of me.. i know thats nice but i don’t want it && I’ve told him i don’t want it && he’s just fuckin’ ignoring me..

Even Davidd takes Jay’s side saying that his heart is in the right place && that he just wants to show me how much i mean to him but he can do that with a £15 bottle of gin.. i don’t want treating like a princess because i am older now && i know i am not a princess && i never will be.. i would batter Davidd for sayin’ that too but ya can never stay mad at him no matter what he says ‘cos he’s a fuckin’ mong.. He even said am behavin’ like a child who always wants her own way just because i don’t want him buyin me stuff.. Jay’s only ever had one other serious girlfriend who used to tell him to buy her stuff too && i don’t want to come across like her, just being a grabbin’ little bitch.. So Davidd said he is buying me things because he wants to && not because i have ordered him to.. He’s meant to be my mate stop takin’ his side will ya??

So I’ve got a full-house now.. Work is shit.. Friendship with Zoe is shit.. && relationship with Jay is shit.. Bascially, my whole life is shit && am now writin’ this shit lying in bed on me own because Jay has kicked his dummy out of the pram && has gone home to his Nan’s.. Why can’t he just do wot i ask, it’s not that fuckin’ hard && it would save him a fortune in presents..

So another week, another fuckin’ disaster!!

…and don’t think I’m textin’ ya first in the mornin’ either ya little gobshite.

Tra xx

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I am Andreaa Angel && I am havin' a boss time here writing on da Blog && that 'coz Davidd is proper gettin' too old to write && it's doin' me wig in.. I feel proper ashamed da fukin' state.. Davidd told me to write yas little stories about me life but I said no. I can't write stories, I never even passed me GCSE English. But he bullies me yerno, so me stories are usually shite!!

45 Comments on “The Andreaa Angel Show #67”

  1. I wasn’t taking his side, you know that. I simply said at least his heart is in the right place but that he needs to listen to you and take your wishes into consideration.

  2. I think my pale skin and green eyes are attracting Asian men. Today I had two right after each other wink at me. At first I looked around me to see if there was someone behind me. Nope. Maybe Dad is right, I am a boat person :roflao:

  3. “Hush!” said Eeyore in a terrible voice to Rabbit’s friends-and-relations. The smallest was so upset to find the whole Expotition saying “Hush!” to him, that he buried himself head downwards in a crack in the ground, and stayed there for two days.

  4. i am psyching myself up to ring the doctors and get past the nosey bitch of a receptionist who guards the doctor like he’s fucking beyoncé.

    “could you tell me what’s wrong?”

    are you a doctor carol? no, so now mind ya bizniss you jangling know it all.

  5. There is good news about Gloria Glover – someone is having Ken’s plot and he wants Gloria Glover to stay! He already has another plot with a shed so he won’t need Ken’s shed. He is a very kind man and he has a cat at home. Gloria Glover is safe and can keep her home.

  6. I recently heard the Greek National Anthem and it was absolute shite. Why don’t they just use Grease by Frankie Valli from the film of the same name? They needn’t worry about the Bee Gees suing them, because they’d be getting a shit-load of royalties, especially after every international football match.

    Crompton Scuttlebut, Bristol.

  7. Generous describing John Leslie as a television presenter. Can’t get on the box for love nor bloody money. Bloke’s more famous for being a bloody rapist at this point.

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