The Angry Andreaa Show #44

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Im dead excited today because my area manager has just told me that someone is going on maternity leave && so i can finally get a managers job that i have been waiting to move into for too long.. I think it was last october when i passed the selection process to become a store manager && ive been waiting for a vacancy ever since.. The annoying part is that my store manager in liverpool has already taken on my replacement so my hours have been cut && so my money is down because the new assitant manager is getting my hours.. So now my area manager has said I will have my own store by 4th February.. Im made up.. I go on holiday to Turkey in May too && that is making me happy so depressed Andreaa has had her ass kicked && am dead happy at the world right now..

So am in a boss mood even though i have fallen out with one of me oldest friends.. Davidd will tell yas that me, lorah && jessica have been bffs for as long as we have known Davidd.. We were the terrible trio when we was in school && i always loved jessica because of the way she was.. Jessica suffers from alopecia && although that could make people depressed && mad at the world jessica was always great with it.. We were once at a party && i was teasing her about a lad she liked && she took her wig off && threw it at me.. Hahahaha wot do you say when someone does that?? But that is what Jessica was like && even Davidd would tease her calling her baldie she always just loved that banter with Davidd..

So when i finished with me ex a few years ago we had a holiday booked && obviously i didnt want liam to come on the holiday.. So i told jessica that she could come with us && all she had to pay was the transfer fee to get the tickets out of liams name && put them in hers.. She was made up && said she wanted to come on the holiday && paid the fee to transfer everything over to her name.. Not once did she say thank you for the free holiday that i paid for && she just acted like a tit on the holiday && pissed off people that we had made friends with over many years..

As soon as we got to Turkey she was in the shops buying presents for people at home.. Next thing you know she was trying to borrow money off me because she was skint.. She was only skint because of all the crap she bought on the very first day.. I know from experience that if i had done the same thing with Zoe she would have wanted to pay me for the holiday nevermind just the transfer fee which i think was only about £30.. Zoe would also have been in the shops buying me a present for getting her a holiday && nevermind her friends back home.. But I guess you learn over time who ya real friends are..

So Jessica spent the rest of the holiday kadging stuff off my Turkish friends && making them resentful towards me.. The manager of the hotel we stayed in was a friend of ours && always came && sat with us in the evenings because we always had a laugh together.. Even he stopped coming to sit with us because of Jessicas behaviour.. I guess as ya get older you fall out with ya old school friends && make new adult friends but even so there was just no excuse for the way that she behaved towards me && me mum on that holiday..

I am still mates with lorah even though we dont have that much time to see each other these days.. I have work && she has a young baby && her doggy lol.. So i thought it was a good idea if the old terrible trio got back together for a catchup.. I texted Lorah && she was made up && so when I texted jessica who i hadnt spoken to since the holiday i thought she would be the same.. She wasnt though && was just dead arsey with me, so i thought right fuck you.. She obviously only wants friends if it is on her terms && i cba with people like that..

Fukk you jessica ya baldie kunt!!

I want to say sorry to Davidd too cos me story this week was late getting to him.. He was texting me saying hey wheres this weeks “Angry” && I was like I cant think of anything to write about cos everyone must be fedup reading about the shop wot do i put?? So Davidd was like just write woteva is going on in ya head because that is always when ya write the best stuff.. So then the cheeky kunt said he would be paying me late this week beccause me story was late.. Hahahaha cheeky twat doesnt pay me a penny i do it cos its a laugh..

So Davidd, you can fukk rightt off too.. Ya not gonna ruin me happy mood hahahaha!!

Traa xx

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I am Andreaa Angel && I am havin' a boss time here writing on da Blog && that 'coz Davidd is proper gettin' too old to write && it's doin' me wig in.. I feel proper ashamed da fukin' state.. Davidd told me to write yas little stories about me life but I said no. I can't write stories, I never even passed me GCSE English. But he bullies me yerno, so me stories are usually shite!!

23 Comments on “The Angry Andreaa Show #44”

  1. How many friends do people actually have these days? I saw a twenty-something being interviewed about social media on television last night and she said she had over a thousand friends on facebook. The interviewer asked her if she posted that she was fed up how many people would come to her aid. She replied, “About three.”

  2. Arrrrgh hate that. Met up with two old school friends. Booked a show at the empire then supposedly out after. They got wrecked and we couldn’t get in the show they called the staff cunts/twats and even tried fighting with one of them. I felt like dying! They then wanted more ale. Went to spoons in the station, went to the loo and one was spewing in the sink. I went back upstairs and the manager gripped me and said get her out. The other was smashed lying on a table. No taxi would take us as one was spewing all over herself. The other was cadging ciggys off strangers. The trains had stopped too. I had to call my sister out of bed. One was spewing in a cup in the back of her car, the other passed out. We had to take one to Tranmere and one to Wallasey Village. They never apologised, never even thanked my sister, let alone said sorry for the money I lost or thanked us for getting them home.

    I now say no thank you to their invites. I think they got the message when I said no to one of their hen do’s! They don’t contact me now. Good! I hate cheeky twats. A thank you costs fuck all.

    So yea fuck off baldie you cheeky bish!

  3. I’d make an even worse mate. I am doing dry January full of cold and £2.53 in my bank account and a double chin from all the mince pies I ate at Christmas.


  4. Omg I actually think this programme “Secret Life of the Holiday” may be worse than Jezza. I have never seen so many fat, toothless mings all in one place. Ffs stop it your kids are now chunks!

  5. have ya seen boris johnsons new bird? how the hell does that soft looking kunt get birds i will never bloody know? id rather staple my flaps to a lorry going 90mph down the m62 than go near that boff!

  6. I keep hearing a cranky old lady trying to talk to me when I’m trying to sleep so it looks like I’m gonna hold the Guinness world record for being awake !!!

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