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Istarted me new job last week as manager of one of our shops in west derby.. The place is a fuckin’ shit hole.. The old shop i used to work in is a modern one which was warm && clean && all the staff knew what they were doing.. I used to love working there as an assistant manager because we all pulled together && helped each other out.. It’s not like tha in west derby.. It is an older store which has not been refitted for yonks.. The builders are in there now && the first thing they have done is rip the ceiling out && so all the insulation has gone && the place is freezing — it is like a bloody barn.. Even worse than that is none of the staff know what they are doing && most of them dont bloody care either.. Also if you imagine what its like not having a ceiling — dust is everywhere.. I am only here for three months to oversee the stores refit && then i am moving to a brand new store in hightown so all the staff in west derby dont even want to know because they think am not there for long so why bother??

The permanent manager of this store has been off sick with stress for over twelve months && another reason for me being there is to phase her back into work && help her out.. Make it easier for her to ease herself back into running one of our stores.. This whole thing is an idea of our area manager && to be fair i agreed with him && thought it was a great idea — until i met her!! She is one lazy bastit && all she wants to do is be all the staff’s mates.. So if someone says no to something or needs a kick up the arse she wont tell them she sucks up to them.. She is only working two days a week at the moment while she gets used to being back at work so she came in for her first day back on monday.. After i had been there just one morning i could see what she was like.. I told her that you cant be everyones friend when your the manager, you can be fair in the way you handle them but you’re basically their boss not their mate.. Then when a huge order came in of six frozen && nine ambient cages she disappeared into the office && just left the staff who dont know their arse from their elbows to deal with it.. Again i had to tell her she should be there supervising them && she agreed but i could tell she didnt like it..

Next day she was due into work she phoned in sick!!

The area manager rang me to ask why she was off sick again && so i told him the truth.. She’s a lazy kunt who cant manage the store or the staff && when i suggested she go && supervise the staff dealing with a delivery she disappeared.. So he said he was going to be there the next day she was due to work to see how she was coping && if she was as bad as i had said then it was time to part ways.. I told him hes wasting his time && that i doubted she would show up again for as long as i am at the store..

I also told him that the staff are shit && they have learned everything from her.. They don’t want to know for some reason && cant get out of the store quick enough at the end of their shifts.. I suggested that i should have a meeting with all the team leaders && lay the law down that they either start working or ship out because they are just useless at the moment && even — if he agreed — shut the shop for a day && do some team-building days.. I suggested paint-balling because there are a few of them i would love to shoot!!

Nice thing was though that he said Andreaa, you’re the boss you do what you think is needed just keep me informed && if you get any shit off any off them i will be down there to help you..

So we had a store meeting the other night with all the staff coming in for it — except the manager she said she was too stressed to come in.. I told all the staff that i think the store is an absolute shit hole && i wasnt sure if these people had never been shown how to do things or if they just didnt want to do them.. I also said that it was an open meeting && they could say anything they liked no one was going to hold anything against them.. I wanted to know if there was a reason why everyone was so bad..

I think there are some right lazy bastards there but unfortunately they are the ones who have been there the longest && with a shit manager to train them.. So all the newer members of staff have picked things up from them.. I laid down the law a bit && said that even though i was only there until the end of april, i was going to handover the store in a much better condition than i had found it.. I also told the team leaders that if they have missed out on training then i would send them on training days to learn how things should be done && that they would get paid for those days they were in training even if the store had to overspend on hours for a month or so.. I also told them that ultimately now was the time to get stuck in because while the store is having a refit there is going to be loads of the area teams coming in to see how we are coping && if we’re not some people will be paying for it && probably with their jobs..

I think the meeting was a good thing because if nothing else at least i am getting a bit of respect now && not being looked at like a piece of dirt on their shoes.. A few of the team leaders && supervisors have come up to me too && said that they look bad because they have never been told what to do.. One of them had never even been trained about stock rotation && she thought it was okay to put freshly delivered stock straight onto the shelves while there was older stock in the warehouse.. So it did teach me that perhaps its not all them — if they have never been told or shown all the “how-to-guides” then i can understand why they have just tried to get on with it even if they were doing everything wrong..

After a few days of me being there it does seem to be getting better slowly.. Ive got people booked onto training courses && have been showing them how to do things myself.. Probably the best part of the job is that on my first day they all just looked at me like i was an alien from another planet && i wasn’t included in any conversations whereas now most of them say good morning when i walk in.. Even better one of the shift supervisors has asked to be put on the same shifts as me so she can learn from me which is great..

It sounds like i am being a right bossy boots && too clever for me own sake but its not that.. When i started working for them i had a manager who had me on inductions && courses && even the area manager looking out for me && was helping me.. I have now realised that most of these have had none of that so really its a case of trying to start over again with them..

Hopefully i have made things a bit better && not too many of them hate me — even if Davidd is calling me Hitler && says i should make everyone saying “Heil, mein Führer!!” when they see me..

Traa xx

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  1. i really admire them people who havent had a day off sick in like 11 years, when I’ll literally call in sick for a week cos I feel a bit fat. taking the day off cos your dog looks sad is a valid excuse too.

    guilty as fuck hahahahaha x

  2. forgot I was on a diet and ate two jammy dodgers. That’s it now I’m off the fucking rails snorting big macs and sausage rolls for the rest of the weekend til monday.

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