The Happiest Days Of Your Life

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IHated School && Used To Do Anythin To Get Out Of Goin.. Ya Hear People Talkin About Them Bein The Happiest Days Of Ya Life, Bt I Reckon They Just Say That To Get Ya To Go.. The Other Day I Was Drivin Past Our Old School && I Suddenly Realised That It Is Ten Years Since I Left.. Ive Been Up The School With Our Alisha So I Know Some Of Our Old Teachers Are Still There Bt I Didnt Even Realise It Was Like Ten Years, It Give Me A Shock.. I Started Thinkin About The Place && All The Old Memories Of The Shit Me && Lorah Used To Get Into Come Floodin Back.. Memories From Before She Got Excluded Anyway!!

I Remember This One Day Our Science Teacher Was Takin A Class Off On A Science Trip.. They All Had Gone Somewhere Like Good Little Gorms Bt Because Me && Lorah Were The Naughty Girls We Werent Allowed To Go.. Me && Lorah Ran Into The Science Class To See Who It Was Who Was Goin To Be Takin Us.. When I Saw I Started Laughin && Shoutin Lorah To Come In The Classroom.. When She Come In We Realised That We Was The Only Girls In The Class.. Bt I Was Bein Good && Got The Board Wipe && Started Cleanin The Writin Off The Board For The Supply Teacher.. She Just Come Right Up To Me && Ragged It Out Of Me Hand.. I Just Went, “Hey What Ya Doin Tha For??”

I Thought Right If Ya Goin To Be Like That Am Off.. So I Went Out The Classroom && Saw That Me Cousin Was In The Class Next Door.. So I Went In There To Say Hello.. The Supply Ratted On Me && The Head Of Science Come && Shouted At Me To Get In Me Own Classroom && Stop Disturbin Other Peoples Lessons.. So I Told Him Wot She Had Done When I Was Only Tryin To Help By Cleanin The Board.. Typical Though, He Wasnt Listenin To Me && Told Me To Go && Get In Me Seat.. I Said I Would Of Been In My Proper Seat If She Hadnt Ragged The Board Cleaner Off Me && He Proper Started Shoutin Right Into Me Face, So I Looked Away && Started Laughin.. Then Lorah Come Up The Corridor && Was Lookin Through The Classroom Window At Me && Makin Me Laugh Even More && He Fuckin Flipped On Me.. I Was Like, “Its Not My Fault, Shes Makin Me Laugh, Ya Retard.” He Said That I Had A Serious Attitude Problem && I Needed To Sort It Out.. He Said I Needed To Learn Some Respect..

So I Went Out Of That Classroom && Back Into Me Own To Get On With The Class Bt It Was Dead Borin.. So Me && Lorah Walked Out Before The End Of The Class.. That Is When The Head Of The School Seen Us So We Legged It Back Up The Stairs && Into The Classroom.. The Head Come In && Said That The Whole Class Was Stayin Behind After School Because We Was All Bein Naughty.. While He Was Sayin This Lorah Was Sneakin Out Of The Door Behind His Back && I Started Laughin At Her.. Then He Started Blamin Me For What Lorah Was Doin Aswell..

The Head Said, “Come Here,” To Me.. I Went Over To Him.. He Said To Me, “I Know You Dont I??”

I Said That Obviously He Knows Me Am In His School.. He Said Didnt Someone You Know Come For A Job To Work Here?? I Told Him That Was Me Brother-In-Law Bt That Has Got Nothin To Do With Me, I Just Wanna Go Home && Not Talk About Him.. The Head Said That I Was Lucky He Was Not Suspendin Me For My Attitude Problem.. I Said To Him, “Why Does Everyone Say Ive Got An Attitude Problem When I Havent Done Nothin.. Am Goin Home!!” && I Walked Out..

So He Suspended Me From School Cos I Had An Attitude Problem && Needed To Learn Some Respect..

It Was Nearly The Summer Holidays By Then So I Never Went Back Until The September && Lorah Had Been Expelled Then.. I Got Up On The First Day Back && Me Mum Was Beggin Me To Behave In School Cos She Didnt Want Me To Get Expelled.. She Had Got Me A New Bag For School With A Pencil Case In It && Loads Of Coloured Pens && Pencils && Tha.. I Said To Her Mum Am Not A Gorm Yerno.. I Dont Use That Shit && I Havent Used It Since I Was In Primary School.. I Mean Seriously, They Was Lucky If I Took A Pen To School Nevermind A Pencil Case Full && Pencils && Loads Of Books && All That.. If I Had Seen Someone Like That In Our Class I Would Of Slapped Them && Said Get Out Of This Class Raarrrr Now!!

I Was Dead Misserable Back In School Cos There Was No Lorah && On The Way Home I Called In && Saw Me Granddad.. At Least He Cheered Me Up A Bit.. I Told Him How Much I Hated School && How All The Teachers Picked On Me && All That.. He Listened To Me Goin On About Hatin School && He Said To Me That One Day, In The Future, You Will Look Back At School && Remember All Ya Mates && How Bein A Kid Is Full Of Fun && No Worries About Life && I Never Believed Him..

Today, I Look Back && I Remember The Laughs I Had With Lorah && All The Others.. Bunkin School && Gettin Scran Off Pat At The Chippy For Lunch && Smokin && Climbin Trees && Fights With Other Schools && Knickin Stuff From The Shops && All The Bad Things We Did..

God Them Was Happy Days!!

Traa xx

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61 Comments on “The Happiest Days Of Your Life”

  1. You lot think you had it bad? One of the teachers in our school was a friend of my dad’s and everytime he saw me he used to ask, “how’s your Dad?” much to the amusement of my classmates.

  2. For millions of families the pandemic has been pure misery. But for hundreds, many connected to the Conservative Party, the government’s procurement choices meant National Lottery-style winnings. The government needs to come clean about how this happened — and now.

    The Tory Covid Gravy Train really is shameless.

  3. Night night sweet dreamies to each and everyone of you. Remember if you can’t be kind, be quiet, think before you speak or typey-type. Somethings people say can be hurtful to others, speak kindly as you’d like to be spoken to & be nice to one another :paws:

  4. I had been on my human’s plot and she walked me back home to the veranda. My little Dumpling was waiting for me. My human says that DD has her winter coat on and that’s why she looks a bit more dumpling-like than usual. Nothing to do with Dreamies then?

  5. Bing-Bong – Ladies & gentlemen. May I please inform you that It’s perfectly okay to wake up grumpy ( I’m used to nudging the Fat Controller awake). However be grumpy no more for it’s Tangerine tippy tap tap tango dance Tuna Tuesday!!!!!

  6. The funny thing is that Pooh doesn’t like being called a Teddy Bear now, and if anybody says to Christopher Robin, ”Is that your T—y B—?” Christopher Robin says very coldly, “No, it’s Pooh,” and then Pooh and he go off whispering together.

  7. Rolf report 24 Nov

    I so enjoy spending afternoons at the home of my campus mom Dr Claudia but when my American human collects me at dinner time, I’m always ready for him. Sometimes I’m waiting at the front door, other times I’m looking out for him from an upstairs window.

    Rolf x

  8. My ma used to hit you with a shoe then make you hand it back to her so she could hit you again. She did right and she smashed a plate off me head another times and went, AND IM NOT FUCKING SORRY!

  9. It’s hometime, ok little people, don’t forget your coats, reading books, PE kits, letters, homework, lunchboxes, gloves, stuff you left yesterday…I do my best to get them organised, but it’s like a jumble sale in that cloakroom.

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