The Jammy Toast Christmas Tradition 2020

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Andreaa put her foot down yesterday and refused to allow me to post our usual Christmas video. I remember when I used to be in charge around here but I guess that will have to go down as a long distant memory these days. Luckily, just to keep an old man happy, she has given me free reign today and so I have decided to strike back and include what, for the bears and I, is what makes Christmas the day that it is. The Raymond Briggs video of his book The Snowman. Here at Jammy Toast, it is not Christmas until we have seen the snowman fly off into the night sky accompanied by the little boy. It would also appear to be a favourite of many others as UKTV Gold have voted the video fourth in the list of the Greatest TV Christmas moments.

Just in case you have been living on a desert island, The Snowman is based on the children’s book by author Raymond Briggs, which was first published in 1978. In 1982, the book was turned into a 26-minute-long animated movie by Dianne Jackson for Channel 4. It was first shown late on Christmas Eve in 1982 and proved an immediate success for the then fledgling channel. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 1982.

The book, like the film, is wordless except for the song; Walking in The Air. The story is told through picture, action and music. The cartoon version was scored by Howard Blake who wrote both music and lyrics of the song and also composed and conducted the complete orchestral score for the film with his own orchestra, the Sinfonia of London.

So here again as a special treat, in its entirety, is the 26-minute-long cartoon; The Snowman…

The Snowman

The Snowman.

So, all that remains on behalf of everyone here at Jammy Toast, I would like to wish all our loyal readers a very Merry Christmas!

I hope you are having a good one, guys!

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59 Comments on “The Jammy Toast Christmas Tradition 2020”

  1. I must admit this brought a lump to my throat the first time I saw it. There is a version too where David Bowie introduces the video telling the story of how the snowman died.


    Basil Fawlty: “My God, you’re ugly, aren’t you?”
    Sybil Fawlty: “Basil?”
    Sister: “I’ll… I’ll get the doctor.”
    Basil Fawlty: “You need a plastic surgeon, dear, not a doctor.”

  3. We have seen another inch of fuckin’ rain in many places with storm Bella and there are still 2 severe fuckin’ flood warnings in England, numerous fuckin’ flood warnings across England, Wales and Scotland.

  4. Dorothy Dumpling and I were weighed yesterday. She is 8 pounds and I am 10.2. I was surprised, I thought DD would be much more than that. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I kept quiet. Barbara was a bit worried about getting in the box so he will have to be done another time.

  5. Aunt Ethel, darling, all my thanks
    For that delightful box of hanks,
    And now, in haste to catch the post,
    And hoping Uncle George is better,
    I chose this rather hurried letter
    With once again a thousand thanks
    For that delightful box of hanks.

  6. Happy roast dinner day all — unless you are having turkey surprise? Have a great day all with what ever you choose to do — dad are I are getting ready for the late shift?

    See you all later x

  7. Rolf report 27 Dec

    Cat vs. Human, round one. Yesterday, I was dropped off at campus & my English human started a 10 km training run. We had a competition to see who would get home first. The cat won. It was too cold & windy to stay out long & I preferred my home comforts.

    Rolf x

  8. Last night we had howling winds & sideways rain. Today, all is calm but as a precaution I am staying in bed anyway. I will only venture out for my breakfast, elevenses & afternoon tea. Enjoy Snoozy Sunday friends you’ve earned it.

  9. Aerial displays scheduled today…

    1pm – West Kirby Morrisons car park.
    2pm – Moreton, Leasowe Common.
    3pm – New Brighton dips.
    4pm – Woodside Ferry Terminal.

    Please remember to social distance and NO laser pens.

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