The Story Of Harry

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We Are All Back From Holiday && We Had A Lovely Time, Thanks Very Much For Askin.. The Weather Was Great With The Temperature Into The 30s Most Days.. Was Only Really Last Tuesday && Wednesday Which Was A Bit Cloudy Bt Even Then It Was Still Hot.. The Good News Was That When I Got Back, Me New Job Rang && Said They Knew I Was Now On Self-Isolation && Everythin Was Fine, They Would Just Put Everythin Back Two Weeks.. Tha Was A Load Off Me Mind I Can Tell Yas.. I Thought They Might Have Said Forget It Ya Nothin But A Pain In The Arse But Like Davidd Said, Anyone Who Works For Them Could Come Down With The Rona At Anytime && Would Need Two Weeks Off To Isolate.. I Had Been Worried About It Since Davidd Told Me Bt Now I Could Relax..

As Soon As We Got Back, We Had To Go && Check On Harry.. Harry Lives Next Door To Us && He Is Well Into His 80s.. He Lives On His Own Since His Wife Died About Five Years Ago && Me Mum Always Pops In To See That He Is Okay.. He Is An Old Stuborn Git Though && Wont Ask Anyone For Help, You Hve To Offer To Help Him Before He Will Accept It.. So Before We Went On Holiday Me Mum Asked The Neighbours The Other Side Of Him If They Would Just Pop In Once A Day && Check He Was Alright.. They Said They Would && So We Knew Harry Was In Good Hands, Or So We Thought..

When We Got Back, Me Mum Give Me His Front Door Key && Said Just Pop Next Door && See If Harry Is Okay.. So I Went Next Door Opened The Door && Shouted It Was Only Me As I Went In.. I Heard Him Shout Hello && Headed Towards The Front Room Where His Voice Came Frm.. As I Was Walkin Into The Room I Was Sayin, “Hiya Harry, How Hve Ya Been While Weve…”.. I Couldnt Believe What I Saw, He Was Sittin In His Chair Eatin Somethin Bt His Eyes Were Lyk A Panda Bears.. He Had Two Massive Big Black Eyes.. Ive Seen Black Eyes Before Bt Not Lyk These They Was Massive Coverin Nearly Half Of His Face.. “Harry, What Hve Ya Done??” I Asked Him..

Harry Explained That He Went Upstairs To Get A Jumper Cos It Had Got Cold While We Was Away && He Remembered Comin Down The Stairs && Then Nothin Until Hours Later When He Was Feedin His Cat.. He Had Obviously Fallen Down The Stairs && By The Looks Of It He Had Landed Flat On His Face.. I Asked Him What The Hospital Had Said && He Said He Hadnt Been The Hospital.. I Asked Why Scott && Aimey Hadnt Taken Him && He Said He Hadnt Seen Them Or Anyone Else Since We Went On Our Holidays.. F*Ckin Bastids!! Yas Dont Leave An 85 Year Old Man On His Own.. If Ya Cant Be Arsed Callin In On Him Then Say So In The First Place.. I Told Him To Get Ready I Would Just Go && Get Me Mum && We Would Take Him The Hospital.. He Was Sayin About Not Makin A Fuss, He Would Be Alright Bt I Told Him The State Of His Eyes He Might Hve Smashed His Eye Sockets To Pieces Or Fractured His Skull Or Anything..

Me Mum Was Knackered After The Flight So Me && Gary Took Him To A&E.. We Waited Ages Bt Eventually They Took Him For Scans && X-Rays.. The Nurse Asked Him What Had Happened && We Explained That He Had Fallen Down The Stairs, Woken Up Some Hours Later && Just Got On With Stuff Lyk Nothin Had Happened.. She Explained That All Old People Are Lyk That, They Are Frm Another Age.. These Days We Moan && Groan About Paper Cuts, Whereas They Break Bones Or Fracture Skulls && Just Get On With It.. She Asked If He Had Anyone At Home && I Explained That He Lives On His Own && This Had Only Happened A Few Days Before Cos We Were On Holiday && The Other Neighbours We Had Asked To Look Out For Him Had Just Ignored Him.. She Explained That They Would Probably Be Keepin Him In At Least Overnight && Then They Would Send Him Back Home && Get The Community Nurse To Call In Every Day Until He Was Back On His Feet.. I Was Lyk, Ya A Bit Late For That, Hes Already Back On His Feet; Feedin His Cat && Makin His Meals.. F*ckin Hell, If That Had Been Me I Would Of Been Cryin Lyk A Baby..

So Much For Me Mum Bein Knackered After The Flight, When We Got Back Home She Had Been Round To The Neighbours Who Were Meant To Be Lookin Out For Harry && Nearly Had A Punch Up With Them.. They Had No Excuse Except They Had Forgot To Call In..

Next Day Am Sittin Here Written Yas This Story On Me Lappy Sittin Next To Harry On Me Couch.. Harry Says Were Holdin Him Prisoner In Our House && He Wants To Go Home && Look After His Cat.. Me Mum Wont Let Him && Says We Will Call In && Make Sure His Cat Is Alright && He Can Go Home Tonight After We Hve Given Him A Good Scran.. It Will Do Him Good To Hve Some Company && He Can Tell Us All About Milly His Wife Who Died Five Years Ago.. Bless Him, That Is All He Ever Talks About.. She Used To Make Him His Favourite Meal Of Liver && Bacon With Onions On && Since She Died He Has Never Been Able To Cook It && Get It To Taste As Nice As Milly Did.. Luckily Me Mum Has Got The Patience Of A Saint When It Comes To Talkin To Old People So She Will Listen To Him For Hours..

I Offered To Cook Tea Bt Me Mum Said She Would Do It && I Could Sit && Chat With Harry.. He Was Complainin That He Had A House Full Of Food && He Didnt Want Us To Go To The Bother Of Cookin For Him.. I Explained That It Was No Bother We Had To Cook For The Two Of Us (Gary Was Now Back At His House) && It Was No Bother Cookin For Him && We Also Had The Pleasure Of His Company Thrown In To The Bargain.. I Thought That Was A Crackin Bit Of Blarney && Was Pretty Pleased With Myself Until Me Mum Come Into The Room With Liver, Bacon && Onions For Three.. For F*Ck Sake It Was Worse Than School Dinners… Bt At Least Harry Enjoyed It..

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

55 Comments on “The Story Of Harry”

  1. Me brother wants me to watch Harry Potter with him, so I’m gonna put me Harry Potter pjs that I got given by accident so he thinks am a nonce.

    I reckon he’s gonna get off yeno.

  2. I’m not watching the debate. I HAVE to protect my mental health. I will, however, read 800 tweets about it and watch enough clips that, when pieced together, add up to the entire debate.

  3. I dont get the idea of only closing pubs and restaurants? Shouldn’t it cover all other leasure aswell?

    You can’t say you can only catch coronavirus at a pub… instead of gym/playcenter where its sweaty AF

    The whole things a bit mental….

  4. I think my human has come a long way in the last few years. She had never had a cat of her own at home, she always had dogs. She didn’t really understand cats, and was a little bit scared of us, especially of Dorothy. Now she gives us cuddles everyday.

  5. Rolf report 8 Oct

    There were three freshly picked crab apples on the kitchen worktop. Then there were two, then one, then none. I missed my vocation as a snooker player.

    Rolf x

  6. I’m glad I’m not one of those people who need constant drama, for something to do & even going so far to create it if there isn’t any. You enjoy your stress induced heart attack, I’m too tired hun x

  7. Due to the van having an MOT this morning. I’ve had to sit in the back of our car whilst my leader drives through the school run traffic . There’s test pilots who haven’t witnessed such thrills!

  8. I could happily have spent a week in the studio recording with Jools and Nitin. So much fun and really enjoyable. Lovely guys and great musicians. We took a photo afterwards which did make me think that as they both looked so healthy, we could call ourselves Fit, Fit and Fat… no guessing which one is me!?

    Thanks for inviting me.

  9. I just love the self esteem my 6 year old has. First thing she said was “ooh I look beautiful today don’t I mum”. YES YOU DO GURRRL. Then she was clopping about in my heels, stopped to strike a pose and then turns to her dad & goes “do you think I look fancy?”

  10. Tomorrow: A band of fuckin’ rain will move South-Eastwards across England & Wales, becoming showery in the fuckin’ afternoon. Drier in Eastern areas, with scattered blustery fuckin’ showers in the West.

  11. If Twitter didn’t exist before last night, we would’ve had to invent it for the fly. Nice work, everyone. You’ve restored my faith in humanity and entemology.

  12. Sure making endless love to a beautiful woman feels good but it’s nothing like your van passing it’s MOT. Cost me a full service though. Putty in the mechanics hands me.

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