The World Is Due To End… Again

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We survived the 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy and now it seems Jean Dixon has warned that the world will end this year. Who is Jean Dixon, I hear you all ask. She was formerly an advisor to US Presidents and correctly predicted the assassination of John F Kennedy. She was one of the most famous self-proclaimed psychics and astrologers in America. She wrote seven best-selling books, including an autobiography filled with her predictions and a horoscope novel for dogs. Chillingly, seven years before the death of JFK, who was shot as he travelled in a motorcade through the heart of Dallas, she predicted he would be assassinated.

In the Parade Magazine on 13th May 1956, she wrote the 1960 presidential election would be “dominated by labour and won by a Democrat”. She then went on to add that whoever won the election would “go on to be assassinated or die in office though not necessarily in his first term”.

This was the first time she had dipped her toe into the affairs of state.

Born in South Carolina, Jeane claimed she had been approached by a fortune teller, who told her she would be famous for her gifts and would help some of the world’s most powerful people. She initially worked writing horoscopes that were published across the US and started to make her first predictions using her crystal ball. In the middle of World War Two, Jeane came to the attention of US president Franklin D Roosevelt, who called her to the Oval Office.

She claimed he asked her for advice on military issues and Jeane insists she told him the war would end before the middle of 1945. Roosevelt died in April 1945, so didn’t live to see if some of her predictions came true, but Jeane’s reputation as a psychic was now growing.

Her sensational claims about JFK caught the eye of one of her most powerful supporters, Richard Nixon, who was the US vice president at the time. Jeane was invited to speak with him in the Oval Office and her meteoric rise to fame continued. A committed Christian, she insisted her visions all came from God, which gained her many fans from the religious communities.

Her relationship with Nixon continued when he became president in 1969 and she met with him for a second time in 1971. Jeane claims to have had a vision of a terror attack in 1972, shortly before the Munich Massacre at the Olympic Games in Germany that summer. It seemed to be all the proof Nixon needed and Jeane is credited as being one of the reasons he formed a counterterrorism committee.

It has been reported that Nixon wasn’t the last president who sought her advice – Nancy Reagan and her husband, Ronald, were also said to be in contact with Jeane. Chillingly, Jeane has also predicted that the world will end in 2020 when a ‘War of Armageddon’ will break out to wipe out the planet.

Some of her other predictions have been eerily accurate. She said there would be a huge shipping disaster in 1989, which was the year of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The massive oil tanker spilled 37,000 tonnes of crude oil near Alaska and led to the deaths of up to 250,000 seabirds, 2,800 sea otters, 300 seals and 22 orca whales. And one of Jeane’s very famous fans says she foresaw her fame and wealth more than 40 years ago. Oprah Winfrey met with the self-proclaimed psychic in 1977 and it has been reported that Jeane told her she would have a huge career and millions of fans.

So is she right or was she wrong?

Should we start preparing for the end of the world or is she just another crank?

Well she certainly hasn’t always been right and many of her wild predictions have never come to pass…

Jeane believed Russia would beat the US in the space race to become the first nation to send a man to the moon – obviously she was wrong on that one. She also predicted that World War Three would break out in 1958, there would be a cure for cancer in 1967, a second holocaust in the 1980s and that Rome would rise again to be the biggest empire in the world.

Also in 1969, authorities asked for Jeane’s help to find a missing six-year-old boy, Dennis Lloyd Martin, who had vanished from Tennessee. She was unable to locate the youngster.

In hindsight, perhaps we’re safe for another year!

The Jeane Dixon Effect
John Allen Paulos, a mathematician at Temple University, coined the term ‘The Jeane Dixon Effect’, which references a tendency to promote a few correct predictions while ignoring a larger number of incorrect predictions. Many of Dixon’s predictions proved erroneous, such as her claims that a dispute over the offshore Chinese islands of Quemoy and Matsu would trigger the start of World War III in 1958, that American labour leader Walter Reuther would run for president of the United States in the 1964 presidential election, that the second child of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his young wife Margaret would be a girl (it was a boy), and that the Soviets would be the first to put men on the moon.

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