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Well at last it has happened, after waiting for what seems like a lifetime, we finally got our paws on the new version of our theme. X Version 4 has now been implemented on Jammy Toast with the new page-builder, simply called Cornerstone. This is a standalone plugin with a custom frontend interface for building pages and posts with the integrated shortcodes. This takes the place of the X Shortcodes and will ultimately take over from Visual Composer. We already have plans for some new features on Jammy Toast to demonstrate just what X can do.

At the moment you will not notice too much new as the hardest part of the update was making sure that X4 didn’t destroy our existing layout. Luckily, thanks to the efforts of Edward, this has been achieved but took a bit of time to convert our site to Cornerstone.

However, it did take a bit of re-coding of our blog to prepare it for X4 but now we are ready to produce some new pages and add some razzmatazz to future posts using Cornerstone and some of the new features of X4.

We would like to thank Themeco for the effort they have put into this new upgrade, it really has been worth the wait. Now let’s see if we can put it to good use!

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    1. The updates bring new features we can use on upcoming posts and pages. How can the old posts change if we didn’t know what the upgrade would feature prior to it’s release. Come on, keep up with the flow!!

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