Tranmere Rovers Need Your Help

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As you all know here at Jammy Toast we are keen Tranmere Rovers fans. We have followed them since the great days of Johnny King and even the two season consecutive promotions we have enjoyed during the last two years. Unfortunately, we are now in trouble. So far we have only won five games this season, drawn six and lost twelve. This leaves the club firmly rooted in the relegation zone of Division One and even a win today – unless it is by seven goals – will not lift the team out of trouble. Following two consecutive promotions we didn’t really expect to set the league alight but we were hoping for a solid mid-table finish. So we are asking for your help.

Today we are away at Southend United and we want you to shout for the Tranmere boys to win. There is always live text coverage of the games on the BBC website. Go along and follow the games and shout for the lads. It would be such a sin if we were relegated this season following our recent promotions. In fact, I might even go so far as to say it would make this bear cry.

We know from experience how difficult it is to win promotion once you go down. We were relegated out of the Football League on 25th April 2015 ending their 94-year stay in the leagues. It took us three years to gain promotion back into the League. Under the chairmanship of Mark Palios and the management of Micky Mellon, Tranmere played in League Two for the 2018–19 season and finished 6th, thereby reaching the playoffs. On 25th May 2019, Tranmere secured back-to-back promotions, beating Newport County 1–0 at Wembley, with a goal from Connor Jennings in the 119th minute, thus securing their spot in League One for the current season.

The club had an average home attendance of 6,552 during the 2018–19 season, making them the 4th best supported club in League Two. Considering they are geographically so close to Liverpool and Everton, the average home attendance is fantastic. The club has fantastic fans and has a number of supporters’ groups, including the Tranmere Rovers Supporters Trust; in 2010, the trust raised £12,500 for the club to sign Andy Robinson on loan. In 2011, they raised £200,000 and planned to purchase a controlling interest in Tranmere.

As part of the club’s 125-year anniversary celebrations in 2010, a Hall of Fame was announced, initially honouring seven former players and managers: Ian Muir, John Aldridge, Johnny King, Ray Mathias, Steve Mungall, John Morrissey and Pat Nevin. Harold Bell holds the record for the most consecutive league appearances for a British football team. He was picked for the first game after the Second World War in 1946 and did not miss a match until 30th August 1955, a total of 401 consecutive matches in the Third Division North.

Tranmere also hold the record for the highest aggregate of 17 goals in one game which remains a league record to this day. On Boxing Day 1935 they beat Oldham Athletic 13–4. Local legend has it that the Oldham team were hung-over! Ian Muir scored 180 goals throughout his career with the club and John Aldridge (1991-92) and Bunny Bell (1934-35) scored 40 goals each in one season. During Johnny King’s years in charge, the club very nearly gained promotion to the top flight of English football for the first time in their history.

We can’t let a club with such a colourful history start on the relegation train again.

Get shouting for Tranmere!

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41 Comments on “Tranmere Rovers Need Your Help”

  1. I didn’t start watching Tranmere in 1980 because I wanted success. I could of just stayed on the bus a few more stops and gone over the water.

    Think I’ve had too much excitement the past few years.

  2. Let’s be sensible here, SWA. Yes, the result was disappointing, but the gap to safety has actually reduced and, with the game in hand, survival is now back in Tranmere Rovers’ own hands.

  3. We get 4500 for home games, get served at the bar, no angry away fans in those goggle jackets. Just chill. We could market our laid back style. Nice ale, no moaning, no queues, just a nice vibe. Are we winning? Who cares. They are playing lovers rock over the tannoy. Just chill.

  4. I’ve been on this new medication for 2 weeks now. It says one of the side effects may be “a temporary loss of taste”

    and i thought…” well I have been listening to a lot of fucking Coldplay recently”

  5. “No one ever commanded a cat. You can shout at a cat, and it may vanish through the window, or ignore you and begin washing its tail, or stare at you in pained surprise. But it will never apologise, never promise not to do it again.”


  6. It was May 2017 and I had really settled down at the allotments. I used to spend ages with my human in the big greenhouse and relaxed while she talked to me. When it got a bit boring I would fall asleep on a shelf. I was happy and I knew I had found my forever home.

  7. At the Grand Order of Water Rats this evening, we crown our new King for 2020, Duggie Brown. The Lodge will be full of fun, stupidity, confusion and idiocy… and that’s just the past Kings!

  8. I’ve always wondered what I’d done to someone for them to take time out of their day to DM me telling me how ugly and fat I am every couple of months and when I don’t acknowledge it they reply 2 my tweets in the same manner now I realise it’s them not me and I feel sorry for them!

  9. That was a day. Out at 7.30 to take Tink to swimming in North Wales . Up to Warrington to Decathlon for a punch bag she wanted . Shang hied into Ikea . Home . Off to take her back to swimming . Then #LS walking . Then home phew!

  10. A girl on my Facebook is obviously on a comedown posting all quotes about being a better person from now on. She’ll be back calling her fella a cheating piece of shit and a rat by Wednesday I guarantee it.

    Should see her fella as well. He’s got resting meth face and looks like he’s got worms. Ain’t nobody cheating with him hun.

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