Where Did All The Bloggers Go?

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Ikeep backups of all kinds of files and folders from different computers and laptops I have owned over the years. At the weekend, I found a folder containing the favourites from an old copy of Internet Explorer. Amongst the list of sites I used to frequent was a collection of blogs I used to read. It’s Sunday and I had time on my hands so I thought I would have a look at some of these sites and see how people who used to share their lives with me were getting on these days.

Much to my sadness, most of the people who I used to read as far back as 2003 have long since given up blogging. Link after link was either dead of contained old posts which hadn’t been updated or added to in years. I ended up wondering how those people were. Had Happy Girl found true love using online dating sites from the basement of her mother’s house? How was Lily getting on with her photography which always used to make me wish I had some talent in that area? Had Terry settled down any or was he still as wild as he used to be?

I did manage to track a few down at new addresses and it was nice to hear what they were up to these days. Some have given up blogging and moved over to Twitter which is a great shame. I have never pretended to be a great writer – I simply write about things of interest and find it good for the soul to share things – but some of the people I used to read I would rank among top-notch authors for entertainment value. Just the fact that they have given up the blogging medium for 140/280 character snippets, I find totally depressing.

It seems that in 2018 anyone who is blogging is doing it for a news corporation, for money or to promote something or other. No one seems just to be blogging for the fun of it. Back in the mid-2000s people used to blog about anything and everything just for fun. They told stories about their lives, friends and activities. They told of their hobbies and how they spent their time. I remember reading one guy’s story of his day in New York on 9/11 and the writing was that strong it was like I was almost there with him. Like I lived through 9/11 myself. That’s what blogging used to be about. Stirring the emotions, gaining your interest, entertaining you; now it just seems to be about selling something, which is a great shame.

Where have all the real bloggers gone?

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27 Comments on “Where Did All The Bloggers Go?”

  1. Trying to find out who these people are on my local election ballot is harder than doing maths at Oxford. No idea what they stand for, might as well pick the one whose name gets the most points in Scrabble!

  2. Oi The Vamps can you delay your Liverpool gig by 10 minutes ? Our Gracie can’t decide what to wear ! And we have to go to Costco on the way . Ta Gracie’s dad .

  3. Funnily enough, I remember in about 2005 there were that many people Blogging that the Merriam-Webster dictionary declared “Blog” the “Word of The Year.”

  4. In the wake of Rio Ferdinand’s announcement, I would also like to announce my retirement from boxing, with my undefeated record still intact.

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