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The people who make our WordPress theme, Themeco, have told us that a big update is on the way. They are currently on the final stretch and if all goes according to plan, they will be releasing the latest version towards the end of this week. This is a big update and is causing a great deal of excitement with Edward who no doubt will be installing it as soon as he gets hold of it. Themeco have packed in some exciting things with this update but so far and just building up the suspense and not revealing just what they are as yet.

They have also decided to hold off by about 2 weeks another big feature they were originally planning to release with the new update as they want to give us time to enjoy the incredible new page builder that will be introduced with the new version. So instead of putting it all in one release, they will be staggering the updates a bit so the full attention can be on the wonderful new offering that is version 4.0 of “X”. So there will be another big update about 2-3 weeks after 4.0 is released.

As yet we are not sure how long the update will take so the update may take a day or two and Jammy Toast may or may not be missing during this time while Edward completes the update. As is always the case with updates the down-time will be kept to a minimum!

Watch this space!

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