You’ll Never Get Anywhere With Your Attitude

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Why Do Teachers Always Put Ya Down && Basically Shit On Ya Dreams?? I Was Just Thinkin Today To Bak When We Was In Skewl.. The Teachers Always Told Our Gang Of Kids That We Would Never Get Anywhere If We Didnt Do Our Work.. “You Will Never Get Anywhere With Your Attitude, Andreaa..” That Used To Be Me Teachers Favourite Sayin.. We Never Listened Lyk, Bt I Dont Think Most Of Us Have Done That Bad.. Thinkin Of Some Of The Girls Who Were In Our Gang Of Friends, Loads Of Them Have Done Dead Good.. I Think They Have All Done Most Of The Things They Wanted To Do, Even If We Didnt Get GCSEs && That.. So Who Was I In Skewl With && What Are They Doin Today??

First Off There Is Me.. I Hated English && I Wasnt Great At Maths But Ya Dont Need To Be.. Part Of Me Job Is Dealin With Stock, Doin Orders, Staff Rotas && That.. They Dont Teach You None Of That At School.. What Good Is Trigonometry && Pythagoras Theory && All That Shit To Me?? Am Not Tryin To Show Off Or Nothin Bt I Think I Have Done Okay Even Though I Havent Got A Clue About Them Things..

Me Cousin Charlie Was In Our Gang Too && She Is A Store Manager.. I Remember One Of The Teachers Tellin Her To Stop Thinkin About Lads && Concentrate On Her Work.. Well I Got News For Ya, She Still Thinks About Lads Cos Shes Tryin To Get Her Weddin Organised In All This Rona Shit.. So She Aint Done Bad Either..

Lorah Is A Dead Boss Mum With Two Kids && Them Kids Would Make Anyone Proud.. She Broke Up With Her Fella, The Kids Dad, This Year && She Has Had Some Right Stand Up Fights With Him.. But They Both Stop All That Shit When The Kids Need Them.. They Pull Together For The Sake Of The Kids && The Girls Spend Weekends At Their Dads House && They Both Love Their Mum && Their Dad.. How Many Couples Who Have Broke Up Can Work Together Like That For The Sake Of The Kids?? Not Many, I Know That Much.. Lorah, If Ya Around, Am Proud Of Ya!!

Jessika Works As A Receptionist At Some Solicitors In Town.. She Has To Speak Dead Posh When Seeing People Bt She Used To Swear Like A Docker In Skewl.. I Dont Think Them Solicitors Would Give Her A Job If They Heard Her Back Then..

Aimeee Got A Job Down South But I Cant Remember What It Was.. I Still See Her Mum && She Says Shes Got A Flat In London, So If She Can Afford That She Must Be Doin Okay The Prices Of Flats Down There Lyk..

Another One Of The Girls, Ashley, Works In A Music Studio In Manchester Workin With Bands && All That.. Which Sounds Dead Good.. The Two Twins Steph && Simone Work In The Same Call Centre With Carina Too.. Might Not Be The Best Job In The World But At Least They Makin A Go Of It.. Carina Has Her Own Place && The Twins Both Still Live At Home But Drive Their Own Brand New Cars, So They All Doin Ok There..

I Have Saved The Best Story Until Last.. Renay Always Used To Dream About Bein A Model When We Was At Skewl && Our Teacher Used To Tell Her To Get Her Head Out Of The Clouds && Concentrate On Her Work.. I Must Admit We Did Take The Piss Out Of Her Cos She Had A Photoshoot Done && We Was All Wow!! Then We Found Out It Was One Of Them Places That Ya Have To Pay Them To Take Ya Piccies.. She Had The Photos Done && Then She Put Them All In A Portfolio.. We Was Still Laughing At Her Even Though She Was Gorgeous, If We Was Honest.. I Know What Yas Are All Thinkin: Did She Ever Make It As A Model?? Well I Saw Her A Couple Of Months Ago && Said Hello.. She Had A Suntan To Die For && She Had Just Come Back From A Photoshoot In Mexico..

We Should Have Known She Would Make It Cos One Monday, When We Was In Skewl, We Was All Talkin About What We Done At The Weekend.. She Told Us She Had Been To A Party With Snoop Dogg && We Was All Yea Of Course Ya Was.. Next Day She Brought A Photo Of The Two Of Them At The Party Into Skewl!!

I Guess It Wasnt Just The Teachers Who Was Wrong About Renay..

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

62 Comments on “You’ll Never Get Anywhere With Your Attitude”

  1. Nanny Auds bat flu jab, Tinks swimming and Knobhead’s walk. This evening calls for military planning. My leader will conspire to throw some sort of spanner in the works you watch!

  2. the dwp in their wisdom have decided that bc my eldest has arms & legs that work, they are not entitled to pip. completely disregarded the fact that autism is a lifelong disability within the brain that causes mental distress & social problems. fuck the heartless tory bastids.

    good job theyve got me and their family isnt it, what about the people who dont?


  3. I’ve had a great day. Spent the last few hours in B&M, taking one piece out of every jigsaw on the shelves and replacing it with one from a completely different puzzle.

  4. Unfortunately one will be unable to listen to Harry and Meghan’s new podcast for reasons of not being in the slightest bit bloody interested.

    Would rather cut off one’s own ears with a rusty spoon.

  5. A nice thing I’m actually proud of in this awful year is how much hard work in Kel’s physio has paid off. 6 months ago a 20 minute walk around the block would leave her lame. Now she is off anti inflammatory meds and she had maybe 45 mins off lead today and she’s fine.

  6. When I wake up for me morning piss you’s best not all be beefing abar Towels or some pointless shit swear to god you aren’t ruining me positive Christmas spirit vibes!

  7. Rolf report 16 Dec

    On my walks, I love to roll in what my American human calls the “schmutz”: little piles of dust & dirt. There had been rain all week so no schmutz opportunities. Yesterday was the first dry day & I celebrated with some glorious schmutz rolling activity.

    Rolf x

  8. “What does the North Pole look like?” said Christopher Robin carelessly. “I suppose it’s just a pole stuck in the ground?” “Sure to be a pole,” said Rabbit, “and I think it would be sticking in the ground because there’d be nowhere else to stick it.”

  9. Many of you know that ET has Wobbly Cat Syndrome. She lives on my human’s plot with Red Fred and just gets on with her life. My human says it’s lucky that her tail is so big because it helps her to balance. She’s a star!

  10. I had about 6 inches cut off yesterday… (pausing for laughter to dissipate). So it’s still fairly long but easier to manage… (pausing for more laughter to dissipate).

  11. Half way down the stairs is the stair where I sit,
    There isn’t any other stair quite like it.
    I’m not at the bottom, I’m not at the top,
    So this is the stair, where I always stop.

    It is also where the queue will be for Christmas dinner and I’m getting in early.

  12. In World War II the average age of a combat soldier was twenty-six
    In Vietnam it was nineteen, N-n-n-n-nineteen. In 2020 the average age for the first Coronavirus vaccinations was ninety, N-n-n-n-ninety…

  13. I’m delighted to announce that live pantomime will be going ahead in London! It will feature an evil villain and lots of booing and cheering. So make sure you don’t miss Prime Minister’s Question Time, live from Westminster.

  14. Dog People: Maximus is purebred, his parents were owned by aristocrats and his grooming bill alone is £2,000 a year. He is my pride and joy.

    Cat People: This is Kenneth, I found him in a bin. We love him, he’s orange.

  15. Hope you all enjoy the second part of the Xmas episode on tonight. If you are lucky enough to have family, like I am, let’s all remember to put them first and love one another. X

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