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My Best Mate Zoe Was My First ‘Adult’ Friend.. Ya Know When Ya Leave School && One By One Most Of Your ‘School’ Friends Die Off && You Start Makin ‘Adult’ Friends.. So Zoe Was The First One I Had && Her Mum Was Pretty Cool Too.. You Know When Ya Go To A Family Occasion && Your Mum Stops You From Drinkin Too Much && Makes Sure You Get Home Safely.. In Zoes Family It Was The Other Way Round.. Zoe Always Had To Make Sure That Her Mum Got Home Cos She Sure Knew How To Party.. Zoe Used To Get Away With Anythin Bt My Mum Would Hit The Roof If I Did Half Of What Zoe Did.. I Always Used To Say I Was Leavin Home && Goin To Live With Zoe && Me Mum Used To Threaten To Help Me Pack Me Bags.. That Is Why I Was So Surprised When Zoe Wanted To Leave Home && Get A Flat Of Her Own.. I Would Have Stayed With Her Mum Until The Day I Died If That Was Me..

She Was A Right Hippy Chick && Loved Psychedelic Music.. Maybe That Is Why She Was So Layed Back With Zoe.. She Used To Love Goin To Music Festivals.. After Zoe Left Home She Would Often Ring Her Mum && She Would Be Out Galavantin Somewhere Or Other Or At Home Smokin Weed With Some Half-Famous Rock Star Or Other.. Her House Was Massive && Had Posters On The Walls && Joss Sticks Burnin All Over The Gaff.. Some Of The Furniture She Had Was Dead Old Antique Like Stuff Bt Painted In Really Loud Modern Colours.. Zoe Used To Go Mad Because Her Mums Clothes Used To Smell Of Patchouli Oil && Once She Washed Zoes Clothes Mixed In With Her Own Then So Did Zoes Clothes Too.. She Had A Really Old Black Dog That At One Time Was Probably A Black Labrador Cross Bt By Then Was More Grey Than Black.. It Just Used To Sleep On The Couch All Day.. He Would Bark At The Doorbell Bt He Wouldnt Actually Bother To Get Up && Go && See Who It Was Ringing..

Zoe Still Stayed Close With Her Mum && Used To Go Round For Dinner Every Sunday More Or Less Without Fail.. Sometimes I Would Go With Her So I Saw Her Mum Bt Not Every Week Like Zoe.. It Was Me Who First Thought Somethin Was The Matter With Her Mum && I Asked Zoe One Week If She Was Okay.. Zoe Just Brushed It Off && Said That Maybe She Was Tired Or Hot && Bothered After Cookin Our Dinner && I Went Along With It — Bt In The Back Of My Mind I Thought It Was Somethin More Serious.. I Didnt Say Anythin More Though Because I Didnt Want To Worry Zoe.. Then Zoe Started Noticin It Too && Asked Her Mum If She Was Alright.. Her Mum Said She Was Fine Though && Not To Worry.. She Was Just Tired && Pale Because She Hadnt Had A Holiday For Ages.. If You Spent Any Time Talkin To Her Though You Could Tell Somethin Was Wrong.. She Wasnt The Carefree Soul Without A Worry In The World Anymore.. She Wasnt Drinkin && Smokin Weed Like She Used To.. There Were Many Changes That Were Subtle At First Bt Got More && More Obvious As The Weeks Went By..

One Monday Mornin Zoe Rang Me In Work, She Never Did That.. I Knew It Would Be Somethin Serious && It Was.. Her Mum Had Died.. She’d Had Cancer For Some Time && Didnt Want Any Treatment That Would Ruin Her Life Or Make Her Hair Fall Out && No One Was Allowed To Tell Her Daughter && Worry Her.. Right Up Until The End, Zoe Didnt Have A Clue..

Zoe Had The Job Of Makin All The Arrngements For The Funeral.. She Was The Only Relative As Her Sister, Lucy, Had Died Many Years Earlier When She Was A Teenager.. Zoe Had Never Met Lucy && Her Mum Had Told Her That She Only Had Zoe Because Her Lucy Had Died When She Was Fifteen.. Zoe Knew Though, That Her Mum Always Missed Her First Born && So Made Arrangements For Her To Be Buried With Her Daughter In Anfield Cemetery.. I Went Along With Zoe As A Good Friend Would && It Was A Lovely Service && Loads Of Her Friends Came To Give Her A Good Send Off..

The House Was Left To Zoe Bt She Didnt Want To Live There.. She Said There Were Too Many Memories && She Just Wanted Rid Of It.. It Was Put Up For Sale && Zoe Began The Job Of Goin Through Everythin && Decidin What To Keep && What To Throw Away.. It Was Then That She Found A Big Buff Legal Folder Full Of Papers In Her Mums Wardrope.. She Started Readin Through Them && Discovered That Her Mum Was Not Her Mum, She Had Been Adopted At The Age Of Six Weeks..

Zoes Real Mother Was Lucy, The Girl Who She Thought Was Her Sister.. Workin It Out From The Dates, Lucy Had Zoe When She Was 14.. The Family Must Have Decided That Was Too Young To Have A Child && So Lucys Mum Adopted Zoe.. Talk About Wreckin Someones Head.. The Woman Who All Her Life She Thought Was Her Mother Was Actually Her Grandmother && The Girl She Thought Was Her Sister Was Her Mother..

Personally, I Dont Think There Was Much Wrong With What The Family Tried To Do Or Even The Pain They Tried To Shield Zoe From.. Fourteen Is Too Young To Have The Responsibility Of A Child Bt There Comes A Time When You Have To Sit Down With The Child && Explain It To Her..

It Was The Biggest Shock Of My Life && Five Years Later I Dont Think Zoe Has Fully Come To Terms With The Situation..

Traa xx

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  1. I have a problem. It’s that I find it excruciating when ppl insist on telling me stories about their lives like this. But the thing is, I want ppl to listen to me tell them about my definitely very interesting life!

  2. Just wana make everyone aware that u can and will get corona twice. In fact some one I had in today has had it 3 times in 8 months stay in and find a good series to watch x

  3. I tell you what’s mad about not eating meat; there’s no smell when you have a poo, the only way I can tell that Jon has ‘dropped one’ is because the seat is still warm.

  4. I’ve decided I’m taking a hiatus from men for 6 months that means, no talking stages, no dating and obviously no shagging because I genuinely just can’t be assed, now I know not one of you give a bollox but Idc x

  5. Barbara and I went to visit Jeanette and Susie in the polytunnel. We are so lucky to have such nice people at our allotments. Barbara is still a bit shy with people but he loves Jeanette very much. Her own cat at home won’t sit on her lap, but Barbs loves to.

  6. Oh, I’m tired of the noise and the turmoil of battle,
    And I’m even upset by the lowing of cattle,
    And the clang of the bluebells is death to my liver,
    And the roar of the dandelion gives me a shiver,
    Give me Peace; that is all, that is all that I seek…

  7. Rolf report 7 Jan

    I really am a daredevil cat. I somehow managed to make a five foot leap into a tiny space, high up on top of the tumble dryer. My humans discovered me there, hanging out with the paper towels & kitchen utensils. They can’t work out how I got up there.

    Rolf x

  8. Smoking and watching the speeches in the House. Every time a speaker pulls up their mask, I toke. Currently high as fuck. Suddenly, it sounded like a fist fight almost broke out off camera. At 2am. Having never paid much attention to politics, does this happen a lot on this show?

  9. Hearing England have also started rioting outside Downing Street. No statues have been harmed but there’s over half a million pounds worth of damage to patio furniture.

  10. I looked at my list this morning that I made on New Year’s Day and of the 23 things listed, have only managed to start on one. Got a bit of catching up to do.

  11. I’m busy helping in the library today, well, I say “helping” I mean generally sitting in heavy traffic areas hoping for attention (and it never fails).

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